Check out our great tablet deals

In November we’ll be running some fantastic deals on tablets, which are a great way to stay connected whilst we’re still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve got three deals available to choose from: For individuals – great prices on tablets to keep you connected with work or help the kids continue their […]

What is Samsung Single Take camera mode?

Single Take was originally introduced with the S20 range of cameras but has now been rolled out to older Samsung Galaxy models with a recent update. Single Take is an option on the camera software menu that will take videos, stills, Gifs in a variety of formats for up to 10 seconds with just one […]

Aug 2020 mobile phone rumours and leaks

With September approaching things are hotting up in the mobile phone world. July saw the release of the OnePlus Nord and this month should see five new Samsung phones (including the Note 20) and the Pixel 4a eventually seeing the light of the day. More phones are still scheduled for September and beyond, so let’s […]

iOS 14 – find out what’s new

Apple recently announced the latest iteration of its iPhone operating system – iOS 14. Expected to be launched in September, probably at the same time as the iPhone 12, this release offers many new features, although a large number of them will be familiar to Android users. Below we have outlined a number of the […]

Android 11 – what to expect

Android 11 is now officially at beta. This means it is likely to be available later this year. Although we won’t all get it at the same time, now is probably a good time to look at what we can expect in this latest version. Notification history – Currently, the Android Notification Log is basically […]

What are periscope lenses on a smartphone?

You might have recently noticed the Samsung S20 adverts that talked about 100X “Space Zoom”. While this sounds impressive you need to look further to understand exactly what this means. In camera technology there are two types of Zoom available – optical and digital. Optical requires multiple lenses that can be moved to adjust the […]

July 2020 mobile phone rumours and leaks

Each month we are going to take a look at what is being leaked and the rumours about new handsets in the mobile phone world. As we move towards Autumn, there are quite a few expected handsets to talk about. OnePlus Nord Expected later this month, the Nord is OnePlus’ entry level phone. It should […]

Kosher phones and 4G

One question we often get asked when people are buying a kosher phone is why does a particular handset cost twice the amount of another one when, to all intents and purposes, they offer the same features and functions? The simple answer is, it is down to the cellular network that they will support. Currently, […]

What are the new, powerful Time of Flight (ToF) cameras?

Since the end of 2018, many smartphones have started to introduce Time of Flight (ToF) camera lenses to their rear array. This trend looks likely to accelerate during 2020, with even the successor to the iPhone 11 mooted to have one included. So, what is a ToF sensor and what benefit does it bring to […]

Best kosher phones for 2020

Phone technology is advancing all the time, so if you want a kosher phone that is a little more up to date but still only provides access to the basic and necessary features you want, then now is a good time to be looking at upgrading your kosher phone to a newer model. We have […]