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Want a new phone within 24 hours if yours is damaged or stolen?

What is RCUK Protect?

Is your mobile phone your lifeline? Could you manage without it if it got lost, stolen or damaged?

With RCUK Protect, you’re covered against damage, loss and theft, giving you peace of mind from as little as £1.99 a month. With RCUK Protect, we’ll make sure you get a replacement phone within 24 working hours. We’ll even help you transfer your data to your new phone.

Why choose RCUK Protect?

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RCUK Protect covers your mobile phone for accidental and liquid damage, loss and theft

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handset replacement

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Grade A fully
refurbished devices

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Front Angle
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We've got over
20 years' experience

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Worldwide cover

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Covers breakdown
outside manufacturer's
warranty period

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