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Need a temporary phone or SIM for travelling?

Why choose SIM and phone rental?

Do you need a phone or SIM for a short period of time? Are you travelling to Europe, the USA or Israel, and don’t want to incur expensive roaming costs on your current phone?

Has your mobile phone stopped working and you’re waiting for a replacement handset to arrive? Do you need a SIM for your current mobile phone that’s better suited to international calling?

RCUK SIM and phone rental can solve all these problems. It’s immediately available from all our stores, for both international and domestic use, on long or short-term contracts.


  • We offer some of the most affordable prices around for SIM and phone rentals for use worldwide

  • We’ll always have a friendly expert on hand to understand your requirements and talk you through your options for calls, texts and data

  • We can design a bespoke deal to fit your precise needs

Call us on 0330 320 1111,
email us at info@rcuk.com,
pop into one of our three branches or simply chat with us online right now.

Experience our best-in-class customer service and get great deals on smartphones and accessories.