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Android 11 – what to expect

Android 11 is now officially at beta. This means it is likely to be available later this year. Although we won’t all get it at the same time, now is probably a good time to look at what we can expect in this latest version.

  • Notification history - Currently, the Android Notification Log is basically hidden from users. The new feature will overturn this and looks like it will be very useful allowing you to view notifications you have dismissed.
  • New power button menu - This new menu will include (as well as the usual Power off and Restart functions) things like Smart Home controls and payment options.
  • Native screen recording - Android 11 will now add a native screen recorder to allow you to record what you are doing on your screen.
  • Bubbles & conversations – This is a new user interface for messaging apps that enables you to keep several conversations accessible via a floating bubble. In conjunction with this, there will be a new Conversations sections in Notifications that separates messages into their own area ahead of most other things.
  • Muting notifications during video – There is nothing more annoying than being in the middle of recording a video and a notification pops up. Now, you will be able to mute annoying notifications while you are videoing.
  • Increased touch sensitivity – this will allow you to modify the touch sensitivity of your screen – important if you are using a screen protector or wearing gloves in winter. This will help to ensure fewer missed taps.
  • Auto revoke app permissions - Android 11 will introduce a new option to automatically revoke permissions such as access to camera, location, and more, from apps that haven’t been used for some time. This new setting can be turned on if you think you’re not going to be actively using an app after a few months or use it infrequently.

In addition, there is expected to be better support for features like folding phones, waterfall screens, pinhole displays, 5G and security. As, things are not yet locked down, more features could easily be added between now and the launch date and we will keep you informed.



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