Samsung Galaxy A41 – better than last year’s best seller?

A year after the Galaxy A40 was introduced its successor the A41 was announced in March. The A40 was the best-selling handset in the UK in 2019, so this is an important phone for Samsung and it is important that it measures up. So, let’s see what has changed from last year’s model. Firstly, the […]

Samsung Galaxy A60 – difficult to tell apart from other A class handsets

Released later than the rest of its A range siblings, the Samsung Galaxy A60 is another smartphone that sits comfortably in the crowded mid-range market. You would naturally expect it to so fit happily between the A50 and A70, but it doesn’t. Oddly enough, it is better than the A70 in some aspects and worse […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 – improved camera and 5G built-in

The Samsung launch in February and Apple event in September nicely bookend the year for those of us in the mobile phone world. With the MWC in Barcelona now being cancelled by the Coronavirus this year, it seems likely that Samsung’s announcements on Feb 11, will be the highlight of the year for quite some […]

How To Stop Your Samsung Galaxy Screen Dimming While Using The Internet

If your screen automatically dims or brightens, this is likely due to either Auto adjust screen tone, Power Saving mode or possibly the Adaptive Display screen mode. To fix this, try adjusting each of these as per the steps below to fine-tune your device to suit your needs. Auto Adjust Screen Tone If Auto adjust […]

Samsung Galaxy A20e – Premium Looks But Budget Spec

Coming in towards the lower end of the Galaxy A range is the 20e, released earlier this year. This is very much a budget phone but with premium looks to make it well worth considering, if you don’t want to pay much more than £120 or so for your next smartphone. It comes with a […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – The Best Big Screen Phone Around?

The Galaxy Note range has always been about producing the best big-screen phone around. Apart from the exploding Note 7 it has done a pretty good job of it. The latest incarnation, the Note 10, does not disappoint either. Its 6.3” near bezel-free Infinity-O screen is housed in a very compact frame that is thinner […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Is This The Face Of The Future?

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold is a real game-changing smartphone. First trialled earlier this year, it was sent back to the drawing board when problems with the screen’s innovative design were highlighted. Now, we have the results of this reworking, and it sure does stand out in a crowd. Firstly, you can’t help but notice […]

Is your Samsung device not switching on?

If your Samsung device is not switching on there could be a number of reasons for this. So, to find out why, follow these instructions: Leave your device to charge – If the battery has been fully discharged it may take a little longer than usual to charge initially. Leave your device on charge for […]

Why are there ads on my Samsung Galaxy lock screen and how can I get rid of them?

Samsung does not put advertisements on the home or lock screen. This means that advertisements on your home or lock screen will be caused by an app. You will need to disable or uninstall the app to get rid of the adverts. Google Play permits apps to show ads as long as they comply with Google Play policy and are […]