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Samsung Galaxy Fold – Is This The Face Of The Future?

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold is a real game-changing smartphone. First trialled earlier this year, it was sent back to the drawing board when problems with the screen's innovative design were highlighted. Now, we have the results of this reworking, and it sure does stand out in a crowd.

Firstly, you can’t help but notice its size. Basically, it is the thickness of two S10s put back to back – 0.66”. On the outside is a 4.6” HD+ display. This is made from Gorilla Glass and in day-to-day use is quite small (typical screens now start at 5.5”). So, probably fine for checking your email and notifications, but not much good for anything else.

Big screen experience

The whole device then opens like a book to reveal a 7.3” QXGA+ display. This is not made of glass, but plastic, although there is a metal layer beneath the screen to give it more a solid feel. The screen itself is the same size as an average tablet and allows you to run up to 3 separate windows to multi-task on. One neat feature is that if you are working on an app on the outer screen and you then open up the larger display, it will already be running on there for you.

With regards to this big screen, the one thing you can’t unsee, once noticed, is the fold. According to reports it is much more visible on a white background than a darker one. But if you can live with that you will enjoy the more immersive experience of the big screen.

Triple camera array

The closed device is quite bulky, weighing in at just under 10 ounces, making it difficult to fit into a front trouser pocket. It comes with a 4380 mAh battery and a triple main camera array (12MP wide angle, 12MP telephoto 16MP ultra-wide).

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is not a cheap device, the RRP is just under £2000 and contracts look to be coming in at around the £100 a month mark.

If you would like to find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, please contact us.



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