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Charging your Samsung smartphone

There are now a range of options that allow you to charge your Samsung smartphone in whichever way you find the easiest.

Wired charging

Wired charging is often the fastest and simplest method. Your device will come with a wired charger in its box. Usually you will have to connect the charging cable to the provided USB plug. For the best performance and fastest charging times, make sure to use the original charger or an official Samsung replacement.

  1. Plug your charging cable into the USB plug
  2. Plug the charger into a wall socket (You can charge your device through the USB ports on a laptop or PC. If charging this way, your device will charge more slowly than usual. For the fastest charging times, make sure to charge with a wall socket.)
  3. Connect the charger to your device's charging port. Charging ports are usually located on the bottom of the device.
  4. Once your device is charging there will be a lightning symbol on the battery icon at the top of the screen.
  5. When your device is fully charged the lightning symbol will disappear and the battery icon will appear full.
  6. Disconnect the charger from your device before unplugging your charger from the socket

Different types of USB ports on your smartphone

The cables and ports used with your smartphone will be either micro-USB or USB-C on one end, with a USB-A type on the other. Some of the cables that come with older smartphone models will not have the USB-A on the end, but rather just the plug. These plugs will usually have a much lower amperage.


USB-A is most commonly used with computers or power outlets. When charging, you will connect the USB-A side into the USB-plug or into a laptop or computer.

USB-A cables will only go into the port one way. You can usually tell which way up they should be by the USB symbol printed on the top. Make sure that the cable is inserted in the correct way so as not to damage the cable or device.


Micro-USB used to be the most common USB port and is still found on many older models. Like USB-A cables, Micro-USB will only go into a port if it's the correct way round. Be careful to match the shape of the port with the Micro-USB cable to avoid causing any damage.


USB-C is the most recent USB development and new Samsung devices come with USB-C ports. USB-C cables allow high speed data transfers and a higher power flow, allowing your phone to charge more quickly. USB-C cables are also reversible and can be plugged in either way round.

If you have problems charging your phone, give us a ring or call into one of our stores. Our friendly and expert staff will be only too pleased to help you.



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