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Nokia 8110 – update of the famous ‘banana phone’

Going back to your ‘greatest hits’ can always be a good strategy to get you back in the public eye. Having successfully tried it with the Nokia 3310 Nokia have now repeated it with the 8110. This is the banana phone made famous in the film The Matrix and it’s now back in an updated […]

Nokia 4.2 – classy style but not brilliant performance

Released mid-way through 2019, the Nokia 4.2 is very much a budget smartphone but with an up market feel to it. Sadly, this appearance let down by not very good performance when you start to do anything other than light use. Let’s start by looking at the basics. It has a glass front and rear […]

Nokia 3310 – Back To The Future

The original Nokia 3310 was one of the most popular phones ever made, selling 126 million units worldwide. So, when Nokia announced that they would be releasing an updated version, expectation was high. This new Nokia 3310 comes in at just under £70, which is pretty expensive for a low end feature phone, but it […]

Three Great Nokia Kosher Phones

Kosher phones are available with talk only or talk and text functionality. There is no browser, and no access to social media or video streaming. This enables you to give it to children and young adults without worrying about them having exposure to inappropriate material on the internet. So, you want to buy a Kosher […]

How did Microsoft get the smartphone market so wrong?

It’s hard to imagine today, sitting her surveying a smartphone market dominated by Android and iOS, that not so many years ago, there was a third contender – Windows Mobile. Why is it not still around today? Unlike Android and iOS, that are based on the look and feel of the original windows concept, designed […]

Top 5 Nokia Feature Phones

OK, we know that smartphones now rule the handset roost, but a lot of people don’t need that level of functionality or want to pay the high price that many of them have, which is why Feature phones are still popular. Basically, a feature phone retains the setup of earlier mobile phones with a small […]

Nokia 6.2 – how does it stack up against the 7.2?

We looked recently at the new Nokia 7.2, so in this article we are going to look a little more closely at its little brother – the Nokia 6.2. Like it’s big brother, the 6.2 offers great value-for-money and does a good job of re-establishing the Nokia brand under its new HMD Global owners. So, […]

Handset focus – Nokia 7.2

The recently released Nokia 7.2 is a marked update on last year’s 7.1 and offers great value for money at the budget end of the smartphone spectrum. From the bigger screen to the upgraded camera, the 7.2 is well worth considering if you don’t want to fork out for a flagship smartphone. So, let’s start […]

Nokia unveils new phone line-up

The IFA event is typically the time for some handset manufacturers to release new models, and this year, in Berlin, it has been the turn of Nokia. They have announced 5 new phones that either update existing models or fill a gap in their range. Starting at the low end, the Nokia 110 feature phone […]

Nokia 6.1 handset focus

The original Nokia 6 was launched was back in 2017 (a long time ago in the rapidly changing handset world!). While this was the first phone under the new Nokia brand licensed by HMD, the phone, in all honesty, was a bit underwhelming due to it using an older processor to power it. Fortunately, this […]