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Top 5 Nokia Feature Phones

OK, we know that smartphones now rule the handset roost, but a lot of people don’t need that level of functionality or want to pay the high price that many of them have, which is why Feature phones are still popular.

Basically, a feature phone retains the setup of earlier mobile phones with a small screen and a button-based keyboard. Despite this, some of the newer ones give you access to popular apps like Facebook and utilise 4G. So, let’s have a look at what we consider to be the top 5 Nokia Feature phones.

Nokia 2720 Flip 4G

Let’s start with a new entry, the 2720 Flip 4G. With 2 displays, a 2MP camera, 4GB memory and Micro SD expansion, the 2720 Flip 4G is well equipped for a feature phone. In addition, it has a music player, access to a number of apps like Facebook and you can also use Google Assistant.

Nokia 3310

This updated version of the 2000 classic, the 3310 is good looking and inexpensive. With four bright colours and a 2.4” screen it still has the ability to make you smile when you look at it. With a built-in music player and FM radio, 2MP camera and flashlight, it ticks many peoples boxes for what they need in a Feature phone. There are now both 3G and 4G versions available.

Nokia 105

The cheapest and lowest specified phone on this list the Nokia 105 provides basic functionality for those who want their phone to take calls and texts, but not much more. Available in 3 colours with a 1.77” screen, the 105 gives you a standby time of more than 25 days and up to nearly 15 hours of talk time, all from an 800mAh battery. This phone has now been replaced by the Nokia 110.

Nokia 8110 4G

We’ve already had a flip phone on this list, so let’s have a slide one as well. The Nokia 8110 4G is banana shaped and comes in banana yellow (and traditional black) with a sliding panel that covers the keypad. With a 2.4” colour screen, 2MP camera, 4GB memory and a 1500mAh battery, it is the best specified phone on our list. Coming with 4G and Wi-Fi has an obvious effect on the battery life with standby time, down to 17 days and talk time to 11 hours.

Nokia 216

The final phone on our list is the Nokia 210, now 3 years old, but still going strong. It supports 3G and Bluetooth, but not Wi-Fi. With a 2.4” TFT screen and a 0.3MP camera, it does the basics you need from a phone well. It is available in 3 colours: black, gray or mint. It has a standby time of 19 days and a talk time of 18 hours.

If you would like to find out more about what Feature Phone is best for you, why not give us a ring, or call into one of our stores, our friendly and expert staff will be only too pleased to help you.



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