Best smartphones under £150

There was a time that all £150 would have got you is a good feature phone or a very basic smartphone. Nowadays, thanks to the increased amount of competition around there is plenty of choice for less than £150 and in this article, we are going to take a look at 5 of them from […]

Nokia 2.3 – upgrade that focuses on the important things

Nokia has continued to upgrade and improve its smartphones right across the range. Released in December 2019, only 6 months after the C2, the C3 focuses on the 3 main factors of a smartphone: screen, cameras and battery. The screen, although still an LCD one is now HD and has been enlarged past the 6” […]

Nokia 5.3 – is 2 years worth the wait?

The Nokia 5.3 is the 2020 replacement of the 2018 released Nokia 5.1. Not quite sure what happened to the 5.2, but the fact that it has been 2 years since an iteration of the 5 series suggests there was one in the pipeline, but something happened to cause it to be canned. Two years […]

Nokia 8.3 5G – Large screen, quad camera array and 5G

The Nokia 8.3 5G will be Nokia’s first 5G phone. First announced in March, it is expected to be available in July, so full information is not yet available on it. Despite that, we will try and give it the once over here, so you can form your own opinion on it. As the name […]

Nokia 1.3 – entry level smartphone for those on a tight budget

The Nokia 1.3 is an entry level smartphone for those on a budget. It sits at the bottom end of Nokia’s smartphone range and was released in April 2020. It comes with a 5.7” LCD screen with a relatively low 77.6% screen to body ratio. This is because of a wider than usual bottom bezel […]

Nokia 5310 – relaunch of the noughties music phone

Originally introduced in 2007, the Nokia 5310 was one of their XpressMusic range that were specifically designed for playing music. Now, in common with other classics from this time like the 8110 and the 3310 it has been relaunched for a new generation of feature phone users. Looking very similar to the original, the new […]

Best kosher phones for 2020

Phone technology is advancing all the time, so if you want a kosher phone that is a little more up to date but still only provides access to the basic and necessary features you want, then now is a good time to be looking at upgrading your kosher phone to a newer model. We have […]

Nokia 2.2 – less than £100 and decent specs for that price range

Released in the middle of 2019, the Nokia 2.2 is the latest update to this budget-priced handset. So, what do you get for your hard-earned cash? Starting with the screen, this is a reasonably sized 5.71”LCD HD+ unit with 19:9 ratio and 295 ppi density. Not a bad display, but obviously at this price nowhere […]

Nokia 8110 – update of the famous ‘banana phone’

Going back to your ‘greatest hits’ can always be a good strategy to get you back in the public eye. Having successfully tried it with the Nokia 3310 Nokia have now repeated it with the 8110. This is the banana phone made famous in the film The Matrix and it’s now back in an updated […]

Nokia 4.2 – classy style but not brilliant performance

Released mid-way through 2019, the Nokia 4.2 is very much a budget smartphone but with an up market feel to it. Sadly, this appearance let down by not very good performance when you start to do anything other than light use. Let’s start by looking at the basics. It has a glass front and rear […]