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Huawei Mate X - Better Than The Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Following hot on the heels of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Huawei Mate X is the Chinese smartphone leader’s take on the foldable big screen handset. Slated to be available in the UK on Vodafone, EE and Three during 2020, the Mate X takes a slightly different route to the Fold.

Whereas the Fold’s screens were on in the inside when the device was closed, with the Mate X they are on the outside. This gives the Mate X the advantage of not needing a small third screen when the device is closed. Its two screens; 6.6” and 6.38” combine to create an 8” tablet using a very solid feeling hinge.

No Need For Selfie Camera

The Mate X utilises a clasp system to hold in place and release the 6.38” back screen. Both screens are plastic AMOLED leaving them much more susceptible to scratching than glass ones. Next to the rear screen is a vertical bar that holds the triple array camera setup. This consists of a main 40MP, f/1.8 snapper backed up by 16MP, f/2.2 ultrawide lens and a 8MP, f/2.4 telephoto.

There is no need for a separate selfie camera as the setup of the screens when closed, means you can use the rear one to view your selfie snaps with the main camera.

Massive Battery

With 8GB of RAM and expandable memory of 512GB, it has plenty of space for all your photos, files and music. It also comes complete with a whopping 4500mAH dual battery. This has Huawei SuperCharge which will take it to from 0% to 85% capacity in just 30 mins.

So, which is better the Mate or the Fold? It seems, based on early feedback, that the Mate comes out on top, due to its slightly different design giving it the edge on screen estate on both single screens and the combined 8” tablet one. That and the bigger battery!

Which would you pay nearly £2K for, or would you prefer the less expensive offering from LG?



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