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Android Go – designed for smartphones with less RAM

Android Go is a cut-down version of Android designed to run on phones with 2GB of RAM or less. The latest version is modelled on Android 10 and optimises the OS, Google apps and the Google Play store to provide a faster experience on handsets with less hardware power. Android Operating System The operating system […]

New features in 2020 for Google Assistant

At CES in January, Google announced a raft of new features we can expect for the Google Assistant this year. These include: Linking non-Google smart devices – this will make it easier for you to connect non-Google made smart home devices to your account. With this update, when you add a new device you will […]

Project Ara – Google’s Modular Phone

With the current focus on the environment, it is not surprising that mobile phones get a bad press with their resource hungry construction and the owner’s desire to change them every 1-2 years, even if they are still working fine. Now with the Fairphone 3 offering users a modular phone that allows you to replace […]

Backing up data from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone to a Google account

You can back up data using your Google account on your Samsung Galaxy device. Type of data backed up: App data, Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Fit, Google Play Movies, TV and Music, People details, Picasa Web Albums. The method of backing up to your Google account will differ slightly depending on which device you are using and your operating system, but […]