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New features in 2020 for Google Assistant

At CES in January, Google announced a raft of new features we can expect for the Google Assistant this year. These include:

Linking non-Google smart devices – this will make it easier for you to connect non-Google made smart home devices to your account. With this update, when you add a new device you will receive a notification which will allow you to complete the setup without needing to re-enter your login credentials.

Reading more out loud – although Google Assistant can already read out loud short items like emails as well as audiobooks, it has not been able to read out much in between. In 2020, that will change. With the update you will be able to say “Hey Google, read this page” for the Assistant to read out a full Web page. It will also be intelligent enough to not read out content on the page that is not relevant to the article – buttons, ads etc.

Support more devices – More manufacturers are now making their devices talk to Google Assistant, like Philips and GE. Also, you will be able to control 20 more new device types through Google Home like coffee makers and air conditioners.

Scheduled actions – this is a new feature that will allow you to schedule in an action to control linked devices. For example, “Turn on the TV at 7am”.

Leaving notes – these will be like digital post-it notes but called Household Notes. Everyone will be able to create and see these on any compatible smart display without needing to sign into a Google account.

Android TV – the scope of this will be increased. For example, Samsung will be releasing TVs with Google Assistant baked in and certain TV manufacturers will be adding far-field microphone support so you will be able to shout at your TV like a smart speaker.



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