In the UK, both businesses and consumers now spend almost half as much time using their landlines as they did six years ago while mobile phone data demand has grown tenfold, new Ofcom data shows.

The number of landlines in the UK fell by 1pc to just over 33 million last year, this is partly a result of businesses switching to mobile and VoIP-based (Internet telephone) voice services. Our telecoms experts at RCUK believe this trend is likely to continue as ISDN (the service which most landline phones operate on) will soon become obsolete, and an internet-based phone service will become the future.

While the change may sound intimidating, there is nothing to be concerned about – VoIP technology can now run through desk phones and a landline number – which makes sense if you’re a business because the landline number will verify you as a trusted business. But if you’re not a business? For an individual, a smartphone can do everything a landline can and much much more and we envision more and more people choosing to talk solely through a mobile phone.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, if you have questions surrounding the future of landline, VoIP or anything we’ve mentioned here then remember the RCUK telecoms experts are here to help you, please send us a message.