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It’s here! 5G Lands in London

The UK sees its first live 5G trial site switched on at London’s Canary Wharf Montgomery Square. The EE live “High capacity zone testing” takes place in an area that receives 150,000 visitors and commuters every day and is a crucial stage of this 5G launch program. EE’s first phase of roll-out, targeting densely populated areas with high mobile network demand, is due to launch in 10 similar sites in East London later this month.

“This is the latest milestone in our 5G rollout – a live test of our 5G network, in a hugely busy ‘hotspot’, where we know there’s going to be demand from customers for increased mobile capacity,” said Fotis Karonis, 5G Technology Lead at BT Group.

“With constant upgrades to 4G, and laying the foundations for 5G, we’re working to always be able to deliver what our customers need – both consumers and the vertical industries that will make the greatest use of 5G. We were UK pioneers with 4G and today we saw the UK’s first live connections on 5G – this is a huge step forward for our digital infrastructure,” he added.

The tests will make use of the 3.4GHz spectrum that EE purchased at Ofcom’s spectrum auction earlier this year.  To understand more about how to take advantage of this revolution, contact RCUK.



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