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Dealing with overheating in smartphones

Most smartphones now tend to get hot when they are used heavily or are being recharged. This does not mean that there is a problem as there are many reasons why your phone could overheat. However, sometimes it can get so hot that it is difficult to hold, so you need to now how to cool your Smartphone down.

Start with apps

Usually, the first and best place to look for the cause of overheating are your apps. The ones that most drain the battery are typically the ones that are causing overheating.

Fortunately, most smartphones now have sophisticated battery management that allows you to quickly see which apps are draining the battery most. Have a look at the top of the list. Do you see any apps there that you don’t recognise? These could be running quietly in the background using up your battery and heating up the phone.

If there are any you don’t recognise, close them down and uninstall them. If you don’t, they are likely to open themselves up again in the future and you will be faced with the same problem.


As well as rogue apps, charging your smartphone can sometimes cause overheating. To minimise the chances of this it is best to only use the charger and cable originally supplied with your phone. If you lose these, or they break, don’t be tempted to buy cheap ones from Amazon or eBay. It’s best to stick to official manufacturer ones as they will have been optimised for your device.

Cooling the device

There are a number of apps in the Google Play store that will monitor the temperature of your phone and automatically close down apps that are causing it to overheat. Most of these are free and some even have no ads! So, look around and find one that best suits you.

Do not be tempted to put your smartphone in the freezer or fridge, even for a few minutes. Whilst, this will no doubt cool it down you run the risk of getting moisture forming inside, leading to more potential problems.

Other things you can do

  • Turn Off Bluetooth, location, NFC and disable background services
  • Disable the Always-On display
  • Try reducing the screen brightness

If you are having problems with an overheating smartphone and are not sure what to do. Pop into one of our retail stores. Our friendly and experienced staff will be more than happy to help you.



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