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RCUK to help Beis Yaakov Girls School raise £400,000 in 40 hours

On Sunday February 24th, RCUK will host a charity fundraising team who are on a mission to raise £400,000 for Beis Yaakov Girls School (BYGS) and this needs to be achieved in under 40 hours!

The goal of this campaign is to ensure that BYGS flourishes and has the resources it needs to provide a high-quality education in both kodesh and chol, while also preparing students for life in the UK. The school was founded 8 years ago and has recently moved into its new Stamford Hill premises, the school now needs extra funding to ensure it can keep serving the local Jewish community to its very best ability.

Every pound donated will be matched by generous donors. If you donate £1, the BYGS will receive £2!

Maxi Rose, CEO of RCUK and Chairman of BYGS said, "This school offers a form of education that is vital to our community and will ensure that our community continues to thrive. From the bottom of our heart, we are very grateful or anyone who donates."

You can donate from Sunday February 24th on rcuk.com/charity



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