The iPhone range is now quite extensive with pricing designed to fit most people's budgets. The iPhone XR, introduced in 2018, sits somewhere in the middle of the range. It offers the looks of the top-of-the-range (and very expensive XS) but comes in less expensive.

The iPhone XR comes with 64GB of storage space in the base model, but you can also get it with 128GB and 256GB, if you want to pay a bit more. There are 6 colours to choose from: silver, black, red, yellow, blue and coral.

It looks pretty similar to the XS, but has a bigger bezel. With a glass front (obviously!) and back and aluminum sides it looks good as well. The now familiar notch is at the top centre of the 6.1 inch LCD screen, which is now beginning to look a little dated when you compare it to the neat cut-outs of some of the Samsung and Huawei models.

Equipped with stereo speakers, the XR is great for listening to music and watching videos. It only has one main camera - 12 megapixels – with a big sensor that lets in more light and has a wider angle than previous iPhones. This means you'll still be able to take great photos, even with just the single lens.

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