It's that time of year again when most of us take off for a week or two. A chance to travel, really relax and forget about work for a while. These days most of us also want to stay in touch while we are away, with family, friends, social media, news and yes, some even with work!

Staying Connected

Although some networks offer limited connection capability while out of the UK, there is always the danger of accidental costly overspend on calls, text or data.

Renting an international SIM or phone for the duration of your trip can get round this issue, but you will still have all the hassle of arranging the rental, picking up the handset and understanding the sometimes complex Ts & Cs.

Roaming the world made easy

With RCUK Mobile, this problem is solved for you. You no longer need to rent or buy any internationals SIM cards. The entire world is covered within our roaming allowances - no exclusions!

Visit any country with just ONE:

  • Mobile phone
  • Phone number
  • SIM card

A truly hassle-free travelling experience – WORLDWIDE!!

Ideal for business trips

Want to add local incoming phone numbers so local calls can reach you? RCUK can add up to 50 different worldwide incoming phone numbers to reach your own RCUK mobile phone number.

Speak to a friendly expert RCUK Mobile Specialist today on 020 8815 4111, or by emailing and we will have you up and running in no time, no matter where you are going in the world.

Get ready for your holiday today and leave the worrying at home!