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Xiaomi Redmi 9 – great smartphone for under £150

The Xiaomi Redmi sub-brand has always been about producing well built  and specified phones on a budget and although it has tended to move upmarket in the last few years, this has always underpinned its offerings. So, it is good to see a return to its core values with the Redmi 9 a great smartphone […]

Best smartphones under £150

There was a time that all £150 would have got you is a good feature phone or a very basic smartphone. Nowadays, thanks to the increased amount of competition around there is plenty of choice for less than £150 and in this article, we are going to take a look at 5 of them from […]

Poco F2 Pro – great features for the price

Xiaomi’s original Pocophone was released way back in 2018 and at the time was quickly recognised a flagship handset on a budget. Two years in the making, its successor, the Poco F2 Pro avoids some of the corner cutting of the original and as a result the price has increased as well. So, is it […]

Xiaomi Redmi 10X range – 2 great handsets for those on a budget

Xiaomi and its sub-brands Redmi and Poco have so many ranges of smartphones that it’s a wonder they can keep track of them all and continuously update them. This makes it even more difficult for the buyer to work out where the various models fit into the overall scheme of things. So, we come to […]

Best smartphones under £500

With so much choice in the smartphone world, we thought we would help you out by highlighting a number of handsets in the £400 - £500 category. These are in no particular order and we have deliberately tried to include as many different manufacturers as possible. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Apple iPhone […]

Redmi K30 Pro – great 5G phone that is not too expensive

Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi recently announced its successor to their 2019 flagship the K20. The unoriginally named K30 Pro follows in its footsteps as a competitively priced premium handset that is well worth considering if you do not want to spend more than £500 for an excellent smartphone. Before we look at the specs it is […]

Best 5G smartphones – 5 great handsets worth considering

Although the coronavirus pandemic is likely to slow down the nationwide rollout of 5G both in the UK and worldwide, the changeover will still happen. So far, it is only major cities and urban areas that have access to 5G in the UK, but more areas are being added all the time. We have already […]

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G & Mi 10 Pro 5G – a cheaper option if you want 5G

Still releasing phones at a rapid rate, despite the current Covid 19 crisis, Xiaomi slipped out a couple more back in February. The Mi 10 5G and the Mi 10 Pro 5G. There is very little difference between the 2 handsets, so we’ll give you 2 overviews in one for this pair. With a 6.67” […]

Best smartphones in the £150 - £200 price range

There was a time when spending £150 to £200 would get you a pretty basic and low-quality smartphone. Thankfully, those days are now long behind us. Driven by the Chinese manufacturers, initially Huawei (who have now moved up-market) but now by the likes of Xiaomi and Realme, the rest of the smartphone world has had […]

Redmi Note 9 Pro and Pro Max – Xiaomi do it again!

Released in Mar and April 2020 respectively, the Note 9 Pro and Pro Max are Xiaomi’s latest incarnations of their Note series that started way back in 2014. Fortunately, the name is all it shares, as this latest version is streets ahead of the original and a definite upgrade on the 8. Firstly, there are […]