Smartphones with the most powerful battery

Gone are the days when we have to be at home or in our offices before we can gain access to the internet, the advent of smartphones over the years has made internet accessibility much easier. This development has contributed greatly to the success of businesses, ease of learning and the boom of most countries’ […]

What to do if your Samsung Smartphone is charging slowly or not at all

There are a number of reasons why your device might be charging slowly and most can be fixed without any extra support. First, check that you are using the correct cable and plug and that you’re connected to a power socket rather than a laptop or PC. Check your charger Although most phone chargers and […]

10 ways to optimise and extend battery life on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

The battery life on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone depends very much on how the battery is used. Different devices differ by battery life, so the expected battery life for your particular model can be found in the manual. You can check battery information such as how much time is left on your battery, switch to […]