Refer-A-Friend Scheme

The scheme

Recommend RCUK to your friends, relatives, neighbours or work colleagues and earn up to £50 every time one of them becomes a:

  • New RCUK pay monthly mobile customer (minimum 24 months)
  • New RCUK landline customer
  • New Hosted phone customer

In addition, your friend will receive a 10% discount on their first 3 months line rental.

Every customer of RCUK is automatically eligible to take part in our Refer-A-Friend offer. There’s no limit to how many people you refer or how much money you can make. As long as they’re not an existing customer, you can recommend as many people as you like and earn £00s.

How To Refer-A-Friend

Please fill out you and your friends details below:

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Refer-A-Friend is only applicable on
    1. Pay monthly mobile phone contracts
    2. New landlines
    3. Hosted phone systems
  2. Upgrades and mobile pay-as-you-go are not eligible for referrals.
  3. To refer, you must be an existing pay monthly RCUK customer (active for at least 30 days), with an account in good standing. The person or company that you refer must not be an existing customer of RCUK.
  4. For each valid referral you will be eligible to receive either an Amazon voucher or RCUK gift voucher to the value of:
    1. £20 for each new pay monthly mobile phone number, SIM only.
    2. £30 for each new pay monthly mobile phone number, with a handset.
    3. £35 for every person who migrates their existing phone number, either SIM-only or with a handset.
    4. £20 for each new landline contract.
    5. £50 for each new Hosted phone system.
  5. Payment is subject to the phone or system (of both of you as referrer and your friend) not being returned or disconnected before the contractual end date.
  6. Payment will be made approximately 28 days after your friend’s initial connection date.
  7. This offer cannot be applied in conjunction with any other promotion, such as Deal of the Month.
  8. The referrer can choose to have the reward applied as a credit to their account rather than receive a gift voucher.
  9. Regrettably, this scheme is not open to RCUK employees or their immediate family members.
  10. An existing client cannot refer their spouse or partner using this scheme.